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Alfredo Hurtado began playing guitar over twenty years ago in New Jersey. Growing up across the Hudson River from Manhattan, Alfredo was inspired by the cultural and musical diversity the Big Apple had to offer. Alfredo’s musical experience began as a lead vocalist for a local blues band. Shortly after, Alfredo performed for Exposure: A Motown Musical Revue, performing for New York City’s Public Schools. He toured with the group at universities and colleges throughout the eastern United States. Alfredo then enlisted in the Army in 2000. He continued performing during his enlistment, landing him a gig while he was deployed to Afghanistan. He performed for US troops and coalition forces who were serving in Kandahar Air Field. After retiring from the military as a disabled combat veteran, Alfredo became a guitar instructor for his company, Simple Strings in Raleigh, NC. Alfredo began working with Black Box Dance Theatre in 2011 as a musician. He is a founding member of BBDT as a composer, musician, and most recently... a dancer! Listen to Alfredo​'s interview on WUNC's The State of Things here.




Alfredo Hurtado

Raleigh, NC

Tel: 919-257-7272


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