about me 

Height: 6'1"   |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Shaved

Alfredo Hurtado is a multi-talented performer with talent in music, composition, modern dance, acting, modeling and as a motivational speaker.  Described by many as having a magnetic personality who lights up a stage or room with his presence, Alfredo is unforgettable and genuine in every sense.



American Commandos: Airborne                 Self                  Discovery Channel


Megastructure: The Pentagon                      Self                  National Geographic


My Carolina Today                                        Performer        WNCN-TV  


XMAS Jammies Part 2: Not That Trendy       Dancer             Online

Greenroom Communications


HSN: How to Shop for the Holidays              Singer              Online

Greenroom Communications

Target: End of the School Year Anthem        Teacher             Online

Greenroom Communications

Chase Bank: Stay Physically Fit                      Drill Seargent   Online

Greenroom Communications

Mom Shorts: NKOTB Parody                           Dancer             Online
Greenroom Communications

NC Clean Water Partnership: Sod Father        Home Owner   Regional TV, online

Greenroom Communications

Earthcaster                                                       Dancer            UNC-TV

2016 Midsouth Emmy Award Nomination


Adidas 1994 World Cup Campaign                   Athlete             International TV

 Training & Workshops 

Dance                                                           Modern, Ballet, Salsa, Merengue                              Black Box Dance Theatre

                                                                                                                                                            Arts Together


Basic Combat Training                                                                                                                      US Army


Military Police School                                                                                                                        US Army

Airborne School                                                                                                                                 US Army              

 Special Skills 

Performance Arts: Modern dance, ballet, salsa, merengue, singing, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, percussion, bass, piano
Sports: soccer, baseball

Foreign Languages:   Spanish (bilingual), Portuguese

Foreign Accents: Spanish, Scottish, Middle Eastern, East Asian, Russian, Indian, New York, Southern

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